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What is Colocation?

What Is Colocation? – Ace Host Colocation

The colocation service we offer in Tampa is the practice of a third-party data center, like Ace Host, housing privately-owned servers and networking equipment. This is done instead of keeping all of the equipment in-house where the servers reside within one room or a section of the infrastructure for the company.

When migrating business assets to the Tampa colocation center, keep in mind that:

This is a shared facility. With colocation, you are no longer solely responsible for the cost of electricity, cooling, communication and data floor space. The cost is cheaper than building a new data center.

This scenario is ideal for businesses that need to maintain complete control over their own equipment. Companies can oversee and maintain their equipment the same way they do when the servers are in-house.

The colocation option addresses the limitation of an existing in-house data center. Rather than building a new data center from the ground up, Tampa-area companies can simply supplement their current data center by leveraging space in the Ace Host colocation facility.

A colocation facility can improve available bandwidth levels. Housing data equipment in our Tampa data center allows companies to access higher levels of bandwidth compare to a normal in-house server room at a reduced cost.

The data center in a colocation facility offers increased reliability. This includes increased protection from potential power outages because multiple data backups take place and minimal delay networking options.

A colocation facility also provides higher levels of physical protection. The Ace Host colocation center applies stringent measures to secure data like CCTV monitoring, fire detection and fire suppression systems.

How does Ace Host colocation compare with the public cloud service?

The key difference between colocation and the public cloud is the method by which data is stored and managed. This is a matter of physical assets versus virtual assets. Like our Tampa colocation service, cloud-based infrastructure does offer a significant cost savings. This is where the similarities end. In terms of services, the cloud provider manages your servers, storage and network elements. The cloud service provider’s staff, not your own employees, is responsible for establishing these elements, minimizing capital expenditure and operating costs.

The Bottom Line

Colocation offers businesses an alternative to keeping all data in-house. Based upon the specific requirements of the company, Ace Host has a unique plan available. Tell us if your business places a higher premium on delivery or data security? Do you require full control of you’re assets or is convenience more important to you? Knowing the answers to these questions will help us determine the best colocation service and the best course of action for the future.

This is a very popular service that is used by businesses across Tampa Bay that may not have the resources required to maintain an in-house Tampa data center but they want to enjoy the benefits. Contact us today at 813-518-8020 to learn more about our colocation datacenter.

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