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For web developers, digital journalists, small business owners and others, learning how to identify the best web host is like learning how to do Calculus. It is a question that is all too familiar: Which Tampa hosting provider should I trust with my websites?

If you do it right, you can spend a lifetime with a high-performing host who is reliable and always available to you through the phone, web chat or email to answer your questions. However, jumping into a hosting contract without completing your research could result in you feeling trapped in a bad relationship, misled or regretful. Making the decision to go with the wrong host can leave you with a bad headache and a messy, expensive termination of the relationship. This means you would be left alone, holding a zip version of all of the files you used to share.

We consider ourselves a good host and have put together a simple guide to share how to qualify hosts, all in the name of helping you determine if a hosting company can match Tampa-based Ace Host.

Know Which Type of Hosting is Best For You

Before you begin looking for a hosting company, take some time to think about what you want to get out of the business relationship. The needs of your company will impact your compatibility with specific hosting providers and services.

A small personal website will not need a dedicate web server, just like a highly popular website should not cut corners with a small shared hosting plan.

  • A Shared Hosting Plan is Ideal for Small or Medium Websites
  • VPS Hosting Allows Additional Flexibility for Websites Experiencing Fast-Growth
  • Dedicated Hosting Provides the Most Server Resources and Security for Your Website.

Know What Kind of Website You Plan to Build

Just as important as the amount of expected traffic or web server load impacts which type of hosting plan you will want to purchase, the type of site will determine the features that are the most important. Specific hosting providers, for example, promote functionality for e-commerce websites while others are oriented more on web blogging and SEO.

Understanding The Hosting Plan Features and the Resources That You Will Require

  • Domain Name Registrations: Domain registration and website hosting are two completely different services
  • Email Addresses and Email Inboxes: The option to include email hosting in a plan often appeals to business owners
  • Storage and RAM: Shared hosting offer unlimited storage. As you move to a VPS or dedicated plans, you configure as you go
  • Data Transfer or Bandwidth: Bandwidth relates to the amount of data downloaded/uploaded to a website
  • Uptime Reliability Rates: Hosts guarantee a specific amount of uptime and often have options. for unplanned outages
  • Security: Providers should include firewalls, monitoring. services and additional security ad-ons.

Choose to Host With Ace Host and Grow With Us

Never be afraid to plan for the future of your website. Some web hosts concentrate only on budget-driven shared hosting, meaning you will have to part ways and search for a new host again, unless you choose a Tampa web host like Ace Host.

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