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Tampa Disaster Recovery

Tampa Disaster Recovery – Ace Host Disaster Recovery

Recent hacking scandals have taught the world that even some large corporations can fall victim to cybercrime. This means that if they can fall prey, so can you.

The worst part is that some threats are closer to home: a piece of code that is unprotected or something that is deleted completely in error, even when done with no ill will by a member of your team, could leave your company website in pieces and start costing you a lot of money.

Then there are electrical fires, tropical storms and Gulf Coast hurricanes, which happen from time to time.

How speedily could your business get back on its feet? This will likely depend on the disaster recovery plans you have put in place.

What is Tampa disaster recovery?

Disaster recovery relates to the plan established to ensure recovery or continuation of the technology infrastructure that supports key components of a business should a disaster occur.

For most Tampa businesses, this means restoring one or more servers to normal working status in the event of the sort of disasters outlined above.

Putting the best disaster recovery plan in place

Take a moment to consider what level of website unavailability would be acceptable for your business, think about when you would begin to lose revenue. You will need to get back online quickly. Though, you will also need to accept a certain level of content loss to make this happen.

So, a disaster recovery strategy is dependent on finding the balance point in which the recovery options mesh well with the cost of your company website being backed up or replicated.

What are your options for recovery after a disaster?

At an absolute minimum, you need to be making regular backups of your website and any other data currently being stored on your server. The regularity will depend on how often the data changes and how inconvenient it would be to lose completed work.

The best Tampa data recovery option is real-time backup, but it is expensive.

Beyond a real-time data backup, some of the affordable data recovery options available include:

  • Backup to a remote location like Ace Host
  • Allow Ace Host to replicate the website on-site at its secure offices
  • Ongoing disaster recovery testing

Recovery Point Objective and Recovery Time Objectives

To find the ideal disaster recovery strategy for your Tampa Bay business, you will need to calculate the recovery point objective and the recovery time objectives. These will need to be agreed upon with Ace Host or the person assigned the task of restoring your web services when a disaster strikes.

RPO simply stands for the acceptable levels of data that is lost, while RTO tolerable amount of time that a website can remain in any status other than fully operational.

Choose to Host With Ace Host and Grow With Us

Never be afraid to plan for the future of your website. Some web hosts concentrate only on budget-driven shared hosting, meaning you will have to part ways and search for a new host again, unless you choose a Tampa web host like Ace Host.

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