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Managed Services Provider in Tampa Bay

Ace Host Data Center – The Top Tampa, Florida Managed Service Provider

Tampa-based Ace Host Data Center is a managed service provider that specializes in delivering IT services and support to mid-sized Tampa businesses and organizations. We understand the key role of your IT infrastructure, including hardware, software, networks and other IT-related services. IT continues to progress and connecting with IT managed support based in Tampa is a sensible investment that will allow your mid-sized company to unlock its potential.

The most popular IT services offered by Ace Host Data Center include:

Advanced Cybersecurity Protection

Exclusive access to the best available cybersecurity protection is one of the key benefits you will receive when you choose to work with Ace Host Data Center in Tampa, Florida. A cyber-attack can destroy an entire company but a managed IT services plan can play a vital role in maintaining company security. Pre-emptive IT services by Tampa-based Ace Host will amplify uptime for your Tampa company while also allowing you to improve your peace of mind.

Cybersecurity Managed Services

Cybersecurity managed services refer to outsourcing security functions and responsibilities to a third-party provider. Providers like Ace Host specialize in cybersecurity and offer various services to help organizations protect their digital assets and mitigate security risks. Instead of managing security in-house, businesses can rely on us to handle multiple aspects of their cybersecurity needs.

Here are some standard cybersecurity-managed services we offer:

Threat Monitoring and Detection: We monitor networks, systems, and applications for potential security threats and vulnerabilities. We use advanced tools and technologies to promptly detect and respond to security incidents.

Security Incident Response: Our Ace Host specialists provide incident response services to investigate and address security breaches or cyberattacks. We help contain the incident, mitigate the impact, and restore normal operations.

Firewall and Intrusion Prevention/Detection Systems (IPS/IDS) Management: We manage and maintain firewall infrastructure and IPS/IDS solutions. We configure, update, and monitor these systems to prevent unauthorized access and detect potential intrusions.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing: In-house cybersecurity specialists perform regular vulnerability assessments and penetration tests to identify weaknesses in an organization's systems and infrastructure. The team will provide detailed reports and recommendations for remediation.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM): We can deploy and manage SIEM solutions that collect and analyze security logs from various sources. They provide real-time threat monitoring, incident correlation, and reporting to improve security posture.

Endpoint Security: The cybersecurity specialists on our team offer endpoint protection services to secure devices such as desktops, laptops, and mobile devices against malware, ransomware, and other threats. They deploy and manage antivirus software, host-based firewalls, and encryption solutions.

Identity and Access Management (IAM): Ace Host will assist in managing user identities, access controls, and authentication mechanisms. They implement IAM solutions and best practices to ensure proper user provisioning, access reviews, and identity governance.

Security Awareness Training: We can implement employee security awareness training programs to educate staff about cybersecurity best practices, social engineering threats, and safe online behavior. These programs help create a security-conscious culture within organizations.

Compliance and Regulatory Support: We even assist businesses in meeting industry-specific security compliance requirements such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, etc. We help with policy development, security audits, and ensuring adherence to relevant regulations.

Security Consulting and Strategy: Finally, we can offer expert advice and guidance on cybersecurity strategy, risk management, and technology selection. We help organizations develop comprehensive security frameworks and roadmaps aligned with their business objectives.

By outsourcing these services to the experienced and skilled professionals at Ace Host, organizations can leverage the expertise and resources of cybersecurity-managed service providers. This allows them to focus on their core business activities while ensuring a robust and proactive approach to cybersecurity. Protecting companies of all sizes.

Cloud Technology

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services, including storage, processing power, and software applications, over the internet. Instead of running software applications or storing data on local computers or servers, cloud computing allows users to access these services over the internet from remote servers that are hosted by third-party providers. Employees can work together on multiple projects and work from any location which has access to the internet. Ace Host Data Center promises speedy access to the most popular cloud platforms like:

  • Dropbox
  • G Suite
  • Microsoft Office 365

Cloud providers typically offer high levels of uptime and reliability, ensuring that businesses can access their data and applications when they need them.

Want access to secure, compliant, always-on cloud solutions that empower companies to reduce risk, optimize IT spend, and increase business agility?

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Tampa, Florida Data Backup & Recovery Services

Data loss is a danger that Tampa companies face daily. The most common potential causes for data loss include:

  • Natural disasters
  • Cyber-attacks
  • Hardware failure

These can side-stepped by employing data backup and recovery solutions from Ace Host Data Center in Tampa, Florida. All the critical data is automatically uploaded to the cloud, and loss of valuable data will never have to be a worry.

IT Help Desk Support & Ace Host Data Center Monitoring

An IT help desk is a centralized point of contact for users who need technical assistance with their devices, software, or other IT-related issues. Here are some reasons why you might need an IT help desk:

  • The Ace Host Data Center Help Desk provides technical support to users who may be experiencing issues.
  • The IT help desk can help to improve user productivity by providing quick and efficient technical support. Users can get their issues resolved in a timely manner, allowing them to focus on their work and be more productive.
  • A help desk can help to centralize the management of IT resources, making it easier to manage and maintain a large number of systems.
  • By providing quick and efficient technical support, a help desk can help to improve the user experience and reduce frustration for users who may be struggling with IT-related issues.
  • A help desk can also help to identify and proactively resolve issues before they become major problems.

In summary, a help desk provides technical support, improves productivity, centralizes management, enhances the user experience and helps to identify and resolve issues proactively.

Compliance Services Management in Tampa, Florida

As a managed service provider in Tampa, Florida, we can also help any number of mid-sized companies maintain compliance and adhere to the most recent guidelines for your industry. Legal IT support and compliance with HIPAA regulations are just a few of the examples of the specialized compliance management services available from Ace Host Data Center. The compliance specialists on our team can event complete an on-site assessment of potential risks, as Ace Host Data Center is always looking for ways to improve your IT security.

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Tampa-based Ace Host Data Center is a trusted managed service provider in Tampa Bay that can play a crucial role in helping your business achieve success. Now is the time to outsource your Tampa business IT needs like:

  • Advanced cybersecurity protection
  • Cloud computing
  • Data backup services
  • Help desk support

Message or call Tampa-headquartered Ace Host Data Center at (813) 518-8020 to discuss the benefits of hiring a managed service provider in Tampa Bay.

Want access to secure, compliant, always-on cloud solutions that empower companies to reduce risk, optimize IT spend, and increase business agility?

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